The scientific and technical conference of the young scientists of XXVIII will take place

  • nashr 05/02/2019 - 07:53

Dear Chemists!

We invite you to the Scientific-Technical Conference of the XXVIII Young Scientists "Hopeful Chemists-2019", which will be held on April 9-12, 2019 at the Tashkent Chemical-Technological Institute. The conference is open to teachers, researchers and trainees under the age of 35, and students can take part in scientific conferences.

The conference will be held on the following topics
1. Technology of inorganic substances
2. Basic organic and petrochemical synthesis, technology of polymers
3. Technology of safe foodstuffs
4. Computer techniques and fundamental sciences in chemical technology
5. Socio-humanitarian sciences
6. Innovation in Education, Industrial Economics and Management
7. Chemical technology and environmental protection. Special correspondence division at KSZ.

Requirements to the lecture texts

The text of the lecture will be accepted until February 15 of the current year. Texts 1 ekz. paper and electronic versions. The size of the booklet should be 2 pages in A4 format, with WORD editor 6.0 and above, Times New Roman, 12 fonts, 1 interval between rows, and 20 mm in four. The lecture texts should be typed with an orphographic and stylistic mistake. Images and formulas must be summarized. The lecture texts may be in Uzbek, Russian and English, and English-language lectures will be accepted in Uzbek or Russian. Students' articles must be signed by academic staff. The title of the lecture will be written in capital letters, after the interval the authors will write the surnames, the group number of the students, the name of the institute and the next line in the next row, telephone and e-mail, 2 speeches. Students can participate in 1 article on each branch. There are no articles that can not meet these requirements.
The report should reflect the results of the new scientific research. Articles of reference will not be accepted.

The lectures will be handed over to Navoi 36 Innovative Center (D. Kadirova).
The conference materials will be published in electronic form.

Correspondence is available at: Tashkent, Navoi Str., 36. TKTI, Innovation Center, Organizing Committee of the Conference, D. Kadirova, Tel .: (3712) 71-244-92-48;